Bring life to your world.

At kiakari, every project has its own character and each client is an individual.

I use my expertise as a writer and editor, photographer, and artist / designer to showcase your business or project in the best possible way. Whether you need literary and editorial services, or your business requires photography, design, or web design services, I can help. Based in France but with clients around the world, I’m a native English speaker with years of experience working with business, education, and the non-profit sector.

I’ve worked on books, websites, brochures, short courses, and articles; I’ve taken photos for families and corporate boardrooms. I’m happy to accept projects from a few paragraphs or photographs to hundreds of pages or pictures. Working as a photographer and writer / editor for over twenty years and an artist for a lifetime has given me a wide perspective, but it has also allowed me to refine my abilities. I’m confident in my style, but I’m always able to create what you need within yours.

When I’m not working with prose, I write and edit poetry and have been fortunate to have my own work published in journals and anthologies. When I’m not working with words or pictures at all, I work as a sculptor with ceramics and textiles.

Whatever your ideas and whatever the scope, I would love to work with you to make your vision a reality.


Assistance with grammar and language use or full developmental and structural revision: I help your words to represent the best you.


From a single image or video to a full photography package for businesses, websites, and education: I tell your story in pictures.

Art & Design

I offer consultation services for overall design and colour harmony; I also take on illustration and web design projects.

Writing Coaching

My long career as a writer has put me in an excellent place to help other writers refine and perfect their work: prose or poetry.