Let me tell you a story.

From socially conscious journalism to blogging, I love to tell the stories that encourage people to wake up and really see the world around them. I use my experience and insight (and formidable research skills) to highlight vital truths in the swirling chaos of everyday life or to educate readers on issues of politics, the environment, and social justice.

With decades of experience as a writer, editor, and journalist, I bring to my independent reporting the same professionalism that permeates all of my work. I find the facts — the real facts — and present them with honesty and fairness. Whether it’s a commissioned piece or an article presenting something that needs to be said in a new light, I work to make the news interesting. I work to make it relevant, and I work to make it matter.

The internet has become a void of despair and it can be hard to know where to find reality. Let’s change that.

A black and white image of a knothole in pine woodgrain