Let your words tell your story.

Language not only defines how we think, it also defines how others think of us.

I am gifted with language, both on the page and off, and I can help you to express what you need to say in the best way possible. I offer a full range of editorial services, from copy-editing to developmental help and advice, and I also offer coaching to help writers improve their relationship with the English language. Passionate about the power of language and the magic of words, I bring my unique linguistic skill to every project.

A native English speaker, I have years of experience as a writer and editor for business, education, and the non-profit sector. I’ve worked on books, websites, brochures, short courses, social media, and more. My previous projects have included fiction and non-fiction, textbooks and poetry; from content creation to literary work or journalism, I will help you tell your story.

I use my years of expertise and experience to coach my clients and help them make their own writing the best it can be. Whether as a writing coach, an editor, or both, I help people to reach their audience in the most meaningful way possible: to make a deep, lasting connection that elevates the written word to its highest form. I fulfil all of my editing work with full awareness of style and audience, and I’m always happy to work with you to create something that embodies who you are and what you want to say. In my years as a writer and editor, I’ve had a varied client base and know very well that although a particular style may be relevant for one occasion, it might not suit another.

I work with you.

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Literary Services

I can help with book drafts, poetry, and creative writing whether you need editing, revision, or guidance.


Assistance with grammar, language use, or full developmental editing and structural revision: whatever you need.

Prose & Poetry Coaching

I work as a tutor and coach with children and adults (including 2nd-language English speakers) to help make their words shine.