Release the best you.

Welcome to kiakari workshops in creative meditation, photography, and writing.

I’m qualified as a meditation teacher. I learned long ago that without peace of mind and heart, new ideas can be stifled. We all work and live better when we’re more in touch with ourselves and the rhythms of the world. I teach creative meditation with a focus on colour and art, nature and gentle movement: helping clients to find their calm but also their inspiration. If you’d like to learn more, please contact me.

Ideas need a fertile mind and an open heart to flow.

We often learn best when we learn with others. Ideas flow easily between creative minds, and new ways of seeing the world open infinite new paths to explore. If you’re interested in scheduling a workshop for yourself or for a group, please get in touch. Whether for a one-off session or a regular class, I’m always happy to work with you.

I’m also passionate about sharing my knowledge of language and my understanding of image, composition, and colour. If you want to learn how to improve your words or pictures, I can help.


Learn about colour and shape relationships, understand effective composition. Improve your photography skills whether you use a camera or your phone: anyone can take better pictures!

Creative Meditation

It can be hard to find your flow in the modern world. Creative meditation helps you to discover your peace and inspiration. Get back in touch with calm, with nature, and learn how to live your best self again.

Writing & Editing

Do you have a manuscript that needs attention or would you just like to write better for your business or website? I can help you to have a better understanding of language and use it more effectively.